TSCC Club Rules

TSCC Constitution:


TSCC Club Classes:

Besides Index Classes, TSCC follows SCCA Classing rules, guidelines & PAX values

Street: SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS
Street Prepared: ASP, BSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP
Prepared: XP, BP, CP, DP, EP, FP
Modified: AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM
Street Modified: SM, SMF, SSM
Street Touring: STF, STS, STX, STR, STU
Spec Solo Coupe: SSC
Kart Modified: KM
Classic American Muscle (CAM): CAM-T (Traditional), CAM-C (Contemporary), CAM-S (Sports) – NOTE: CAM is run as a combined PAX Class
Pax Indexed Classes: Novice (NOV), Pro (PRO)
Ladies Pax Indexed Classes: All
Time Only ( Non-trophy/ Non-points): TO
Formula Jr: JA, JB

SCCA Rules can be found here

General Run Rules

NOTE: An effort is made to ensure all rules are clearly stated and shared. Not all rules may be listed immediately on this site. Please refer to club officers should you need to confirm any rules

  • • ALL event attendees MUST sign the insurance waiver (drivers, passengers, spectators)
  • •ALL Cars MUST pass tech inspections.
  • •ALL Cars MUST be tech ready prior to entering the tech line. This means cars will be numbered, all loose items will be removed from the car & if you are changing wheels/tires they MUST be changed before you enter tech
  • •ALL cars must have Car NUMBER and CLASS clearly visible on BOTH sides of the car
  • •ALL drivers and passengers MUST wear helmets
  • •ALL drivers AND passengers must be fully licensed (No permits)
  • •Novice drivers are prohibited from having passengers other than approved instructors
  • •Any car that does not meet the 97Db sound restriction will not be able to attend a TSCC event until they have quieted their car down