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Exclamation I got a new car but don't know how it will do at Auto-X

Hey everyone,

It's been a long times since I have been able to afford to do an event (college kid) so I've haven't been around for about a year or so. For those of you who might know me I drive the Montego Blue '96 Miata in the Novice class #88 (haven't won yet!) that is identical to Hal Mcgee's. I just received an early college graduation present from my grandparents this week that was completely unexpected to me, a '97 Porsche Boxster (Guards Red). I only had one night to drive the car before leaving for Florida for 10 days so I am extremely excited to get back home and see how it really runs. Does anyone have any experience running a boxster in autocross? I don't know the differences in classes or even if it would be very competitive... I am kind of surprised that I can't find more information on people running them, I guess because if you type in Miata and autocross there is tons and tons of info. Anyone who can give me some suggestions to make the car competitive and maybe explain the difference between driving the miata vs Boxster would be greatly appreciated! The Boxster is stock btw. Also how does it work if I want to run both cars in an event?


- Tyler Mabe #88
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to run both cars you must also work 2 run groups and pay 2 entry fees which means absolutely no down time. You must also run your competition car first and the 2nd as a time only car.
The boxster wont drive much different than the Miata on course . A little more power and slightly more rear weight but a very balanced car.
Anthony Hodges
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My car has a boxer in it, so I can give you some advice -- oh, wait.....

J/K! Congrats on the graduation present. I haven't driven a rear-wheel drive on a course, so I can't provide a lot of info. But at least you're going from RWD to RWD instead of a big change like FWD to RWD. Shouldn't be a huge change, and the Boxster doesn't have monster power so it's not like it will get away from you a lot easier or anything.

I look forward to seeing you out there in it!
Any time you wanna let me co-drive your Focus ST, or MK7 GTI, just let me know, mmmkay? I want POOOWAAHH!

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