Triad Sports Car Club
Constitution and By-Laws

(as amended 01/06/05)

  1. The name of this organization shall be Triad Sports Car Club, Ltd. (amended 1/1/85)
  2. The insignia shall be an inverted equilateral triangle imposed over a silhouette of the state of North Carolina. Printed on the inside of the triangle is "Winston-Salem" along the horizontal side, "Greensboro" along the right side and "High Point" along the left side. This is enclosed by a dual ring circle. The words "Sports Car Club" are printed along the inner arc at the bottom of the circle. The word "Triad" is printed to conform to the boundary created by the top of the triangle and the upper arc of the inner circle. All lettering, except "Triad", is standard block letters. (amended 1/1/85)
  3. The club shall be a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the state of North Carolina.
  4. In the event of dissolution of this organization, all surplus funds will go to a charitable or non-taxable organization that will be selected by the Executive Committee, and no part of its net income shall inure to the benefit of any officer, director, member or other individual, either during the existence of the organization or upon its dissolution. (amended 1/1/85)


  1. The purposes and goals of this organization shall be: (amended 4/1/99)
    1. To promote interest in sports cars and other fine automobiles and to encourage their safe and skilled operation. (amended 1/1/85)
    2. To promote, arrange and regulate non-speed events (specifically, autocrosses, rallys, carshows). (amended 1/1/85)
    3. To disseminate automotive information to sports car owners and enthusiasts through club bulletins, club newsletters and club meetings. (amended 1/1/85)
    4. To promote related social and recreational activities for the instruction and enjoyment of the members of the club. (amended 1/1/85)
    5. To provide an organization to which sports car owners in the Piedmont Triad area can join and unite in the pursuit of common goals. (amended 1/1/85)
    6. To endeavor to raise funds and/or donations annually for a selected charitable organization.(amended 4/1/99)


  1. Membership is not confined to sports car owners, but is open to all persons with a bona-fide interest in the organization’s purposes and goals, subject to the following requirements. (amended 1/1/85)
  2. Application for new membership in writing and application signed by one current member, excepting charter members. (amended 1/1/85)
  3. Any member, upon complaint of improper conduct, in writing, by three or more members of the organization, to the Executive Committee, shall have his membership status reviewed by the Executive Committee and presented to the membership for action, up to and including expulsion from membership. (amended 1/1/85)
  4. Active members shall pay annual dues prescribed in the general by-laws. Dues are payable in full January 1 of each year. The dues shall be paid by a renewing member within 30 days after the January meeting or that person will be dropped from the club roster. (amended 1/1/85)
  5. Anyone joining the club from November 1 through December 31, and paying full annual dues, shall be considered a full member through the succeeding year. (amended 4/1/99)
  6. Any member joining the club after July 1 shall pay reduced dues as prescribed in the general by-laws for the period of time remaining in the fiscal year. (amended 1/1/85)
  7. Spouse membership is available for an additional fee prescribed in the general by-laws. The member and spouse are entitled to full club rights. (amended 1/1/85)
  8. Junior membership is available for persons between 14 and 17 years of age, inclusive. (amended 4/1/99)
  9. Dues are not refunded under any circumstances.


  1. Monthly meetings will be held on a regular basis, with a minimum of 4 per year. (amended 4/1/99)
  2. Additional meetings may be called when desirable at the discretion of the Executive Committee or at the request of one-third of the total membership.


  1. The elected officers shall include a President, Vice President - Autocross, Vice President - Rallye, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Chief of Tech, Registrar, and Webmaster, and their duties shall be those usually ascribed to such positions. The officers will serve a twelve-month term of office, with the exception of the first officers who will serve until December 31, 1967. Officers who took office in November 1992 will serve until the annual meeting in January 1994. The officers will be elected by a simple majority. (amended 1/1/98)
  2. The Executive Committee consists of all elected officers, with the President not voting, except to break a tie.
  3. Nominations of candidates for elective offices shall be submitted in writing prior to the election, supported by the signatures of al least three members of the club. Nominations of elections are to be made prior to the close of the November meeting; election of officers in December; and installation of officers at the January meeting. (amended 2/11/93)
  4. There shall be a Membership Committee. (amended 1/1/85)
  5. Membership Committee shall be the elected Executive Committee. (amended 1/1/98)
  6. Membership Committee shall make arrangements to promote and encourage new membership in the club and insure that membership applicants are acted upon, as ascribed therein. (amended 1/1/85)
  7. There shall be a Publicity Committee which shall use all means at its disposal to publicize events and activities of the club through the media. The committee member(s) shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. All arrangements for publicity shall be cleared with this committee. This committee shall also solicit help from the general membership in the establishment of contacts to help with art work and any aid deemed necessary by the committee. (amended 4/1/99)


  1. The fiscal year shall conform to the standard calendar year. (amended 1/1/85)


  1. The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any general meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present, provided that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been sent to all members not less than fourteen (14) days preceding the meeting at which it is to be acted upon and it has been discussed at the preceding meeting. Amendments may be proposed only by a majority of the full executive board, the rules committee or by petition presented by ten (10) percent of the club’s members. Passed amendments will go into effect upon publication in the club newsletter. (amended 1/1/88)
  2. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by the By-Laws or by special rules of the club. (amended 1/1/85)

(amended 4/1/99), (amended 1/1/98), (amended 1/1/95), (amended into the Constitution 1/1/85)

  1. Three (3) annual awards, the President’s Award, Member of the Year Award and the Raxter Award, may be decided on by the Executive Committee. Basic criteria for the President’s Award is any member, as determined by the President, who made a large contribution of his efforts to the club. The Member of the Year Award is given to a member for a reason decided on by the Executive Committee, and who is not an elected officer of the club. The Raxter Award is awarded to the couple in TSCC who provided exemplary service to the club that year. (amended 4/1/99)
  2. Deliberate inappropriate classing of a vehicle in an event (rally or autocross) shall be construed as unsportsmanlike conduct. (amended 1/1/86)
  3. Any full annual membership dues paid after November 1, and before December 31, shall be valid through the next year. (amended 4/1/99)
  4. Entry fee schedules will be determined by the Executive Committee. (amended 1/1/95)
  5. A valid driver’s license must be presented in order to compete in an event as a driver. Learner’s permits will not be allowed. (amended 4/1/99)
  6. All event officials must be club members. (amended 1/1/87)
  7. Trophies will be presented at all events. If trophies are not available, a temporary certificate will be presented. (amended 1/1/87)
  8. Membership dues. (amended 4/1/99
    1. Member.......................................... $20.00 per calendar year. ($15.00 after June 30*)
    2. Joint Membership (member + spouse)...$25.00 per calendar year. ($20.00 after June 30*)
    3. Junior Membership............................... $5.00 (ages 14 through17 inclusive**)

*Ineligible for year-end awards
**Only acceptable in conjunction with regular annual membership.


  1. Definitions. (amended 5/03)
    1. AUTOCROSS: A non-speed driving skill contest in which one car at a time negotiates a prescribed course with the finishing positions based on the time required to complete the course plus penalties for course deviation. This event is held on a relatively flat paved surface laid out as a miniaturized road course, which emphasizes the driver’s ability and the car’s handling and agility. (amended 1/1/86)
    2. ELIGIBLE VEHICLE: Any vehicle that can pass the safety technical inspection and rides on at least four tires not in a line. Vehicles with a high center of gravity (e.g. SUVs) as determined by the Chief of Tech may be disallowed. (amended 4/1/99)
    3. ELIGIBLE DRIVER: Any person possessing a valid driver’s license (learner’s permits not permitted.) Drivers under 18 must have a valid minor’s release on file with TSCC. (amended 4/1/99)
    4. NOVICE: Any driver inexperienced in autocrossing who has not won the Novice class. (amended 1/1/95)
    5. RED FLAG: Direction to an entrant for the immediate cessation of competition until an unsafe condition is cleared. (amended 1/1/86)
    6. FTD: Fastest time of the day. (amended 1/1/86)
    7. FTS: Fastest time of the day in stock classes.
    8. FTSP: Fastest time of the day in street prepared classes.
    9. FTP: Fastest time of the day in prepared classes.
    10. FTM: Fastest time of the day in modified classes.
    11. DNF: Did not finish. (amended 1/1/86).
    12. WORKER CHAIRMAN: This person shall assign worker stations and workers for the event. This person shall be assigned by the Event Chairman or the Autocross Vice President. The Worker Chairman shall look out for the safety of everyone at the event. (added 1/1/95)
    13. TECHNICAL INSPECTOR: This person shall see to a safety inspection of each participating vehicle This position is the responsibility of the elected Chief of Tech, and he or his designee shall be at the event site set up and ready to go at the published time. Assistants will be assigned as needed. (added 1/1/95) (amended 4/1/99)
    14. EVENT CHAIRMAN (CO-CHAIRMAN): This person will be responsible for arranging delivery of the equipment to the event, making the course secure, setting up the course, running the event, cleaning up the course and returning the equipment to storage. He(they) will receive first place points once and only once during the year. Anyone Chairing or Co-Chairing a second event will receive third place points once and only once during the year. If the above specified duties are not performed to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee, the above defined points will not be awarded.(amended 4/1/99)
    15.  FTST Fastest time of day in street tire classes, including street touring classes.  (added 5/03)
  2. Administration. (amended 1/6/05)
    1. Entry fee schedule, awards, course map and penalties shall be posted. (amended 1/1/86)
    2. Specifications shall be available to entrants. (amended 1/1/86)
    3. A driver may enter more than one car per class provided he pre-designates his points/trophy car. (amended 1/1/86)
    4. A car may be entered in more than one class by different drivers but shall not be registered in two different classes by the same driver. (amended 1/1/86)
    5. Adequate mufflers are required to limit noise to 95 decibels (db) measured 50 feet from the car when it is competing. If an entrant exceeds the db level, he will be red flagged and given one chance to lower the noise level. If he exceeds the level again, he will be disqualified from the event. (amended 1/1/86)
    6. Registration. (amended 7/02)
    7. Registration and Tech will be open during the specified times. Late registration forfeits the first run and incurs a late fee of $10.00 (amended 7/11/02)
    8. All entrants in an autocross will be required to work the event during his assigned time. Failure to do so will result in automatic forfeiture of the entrant’s fastest time. All worker substitutions must be approved by the worker chairman. (amended 4/1/99)
    9. All entrants must pay entry fee, sign the "Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement", and have their car inspected by TSCC. They will be considered ”Associate” members for that event, for insurance purposes.  (amended 5/2/02)
    10. Novices shall have the option of running in their respective classes or the regular class. (amended 4/1/99)
    11. If, during competition, a car has to withdraw due to mechanical problems, the driver may finish his remaining runs in another car in the same class. (amended 1/1/86)
    12. Each driver will be provided an opportunity to walk through the course before competition begins. The course shall be clearly marked by cones, and chalk as required, to insure the course is a test of skill and not memory as deemed appropriate by the Autocross Vice President or Event Chairman. (amended 1/1/86)
    13. Each driver will be allowed a minimum of two (2) official runs, except for late registrations. (amended 2/3/89)
    14. Re-runs will be granted only for timing failure or course obstruction and will not be given because of mechanical failure of the competitor’s car after it breaks the starting line. A minimum of five (5) cars must have run or five (5) minutes must have elapsed before a competitor may take a re-run. (amended 1/1/95)
    15. If a car has multiple drivers, a minimum of five (5) cars must have run or five (5) minutes must have elapsed between runs in that car. (amended 1/1/95)
    16. A driver’s meeting will be held before the first car begins to compete in order to emphasize safety, disseminate special instructions and answer questions. (amended 2/3/89)
    17. All cars shall be required to run in their group. If, for some reason, an entrant is unable to run in his group, this must be reported to the Autocross Vice President or the Event Chairman before the end of that group and approval obtained. In order to make his runs out of order (i.e. to leave early or arrive late), he must obtain approval prior to the event from the Autocross Vice President or Event Chairman. Approval will be granted only under unusual circumstances. The order of running shall be determined by the number of entrants and make-up of classes, in an attempt to equalize the time required for each run session. (amended 4/1/99)
    18. Supplementary event rules may be specified by the event stewards. The event stewards are defined as the Event Chairman and the Executive Committee.(amended 4/1/99)
    19. Scoring - Official time shall be the elapsed time to complete the course plus a two (2) second penalty will be assessed for each pylon upset and for each pylon completely displaced from a box describing its location. Ties for a trophy or point scoring position shall be broken by comparing the next fastest timed runs. Should a tie remain, a run-off shall determine the finishing order if agreed upon by the tied drivers. If agreement is not reached, the tie stands. Novice scoring shall be determined by indexing the entrant’s official time by the current PAX index for his "home" class. (amended 4/1/99)


    1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Any entrant may be disqualified by the event stewards. Driving unsafely at or near the event, deliberate inappropriate classing of a vehicle in an event or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct are examples of grounds for such disqualification. (amended 1/1/86)
    2. Awards. (amended 1/6/05)
    3. An award (or temporary certificate, if awards are not available) will be presented to each competitor in a trophy position. Each competitor will receive a dash plaque that can be affixed to said award. Event awards and points shall be given to the higher placed drivers in each formed class on the following basis: FTD, FTS, FTSP, FTP, FTM,FTST and FTPAX. Awards are not limited to the above specified classes. (amended 5/03)

1st place award .....................................20
2nd place award with 4-6 entries.........16
3rd place award with 7-9 entries..........13
4th place award with 10-13 entries...…11
5th place award with 14+ entries............9
6th place (no trophy for sixth place or lower)...........................................................7
7th place (no trophy for sixth place or lower)...........................................................5
8th place (no trophy for sixth place or lower)...........................................................4
9th place (no trophy for sixth place or lower)...........................................................3
10th place (no trophy for sixth place or lower)...........................................................2
11th place and lower (no trophy for sixth place or lower)............................................1

    1. First place trophy will be awarded in the class where FTD, FTS, FTP, FTM, FTSP, FTPAX etc.  originates. (amended 1/1/95)

   Championship autocross points will be awarded to all entrants except Novice class entries. Points will only be awarded after a member has joined for the year. Ie: join in JAN and all events count, join in JUL and only JUL thru NOV events count for championship points. An entrant, entering in more than one car and/or class, will be awarded in his pre-designated class. (amended 1/6/05)

    1. The annual points Champion Award and Ladies Champion Award shall be given to the TSCC members in good standing who have paid annual membership dues and earned the most points. A tie for the Champion awards will be broken by the number of first place wins, if necessary, then by the margin of victory. Additional points will be credited for placings in the raw time and PAX lists with the same points scale as above. Additionally, annual awards will include Class Champions. A member must compete in over half of the events in that class, with or without competition, to qualify. (amended 1/02)
    2. Bumping removed  (amended1/02)
    3. An additional award may be given for the most FTPAX awards awarded during the year. (added 4/1/99)
    4. Bumping removed  (amended1/02)
    5. Protests - It should be remembered that this is a sporting event, to be conducted in a sporting manner. Because the organization and management of the event is by volunteers and amateurs, the competitors should expect some imperfections. This is one of the many chances they take in this type of competition. (amended 2/3/89)
    6. All protest fees ($25.00) must be filed with the Chief of Tech before the last run begins. The event stewards shall decide on the validity of the protest. For valid protest, the protest fee will be returned. Non-valid, retained by club. (amended 4/1/99)
    7. All events will be held regardless of the weather unless otherwise advertised. (amended 1/1/86)
    8. One passenger may ride only on the fun runs provided he/she signs the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement and wears a helmet and seatbelts. (amended 1/1/95).
    9. A decision will be made by the event stewards during the last run as to whether Fun Runs will be held following the end of the last run. Fun Runs will be announced while the last run is stopped briefly. Persons who did not compete in the regular runs and who present a valid driver’s license will be allowed to register for $2.00, which includes Tech Inspection of their vehicle. There will be an additional $2.00 fee for each Fun Run made. (amended 1/1/95)
    10. In the event of the absence of the Autocross Vice President at an event, his duties shall revert to the President or his designated appointee. (amended 1/1/86)
    11. All club events shall be covered by an appropriate insurance carrier. (amended 1/1/85)
  1. Safety. (amended 1/1/95)
    1. Safety Technical Inspection. (amended 2/3/89)
    2. Steering - must be firm and free of excessive play, "spinner" knobs prohibited. (amended 1/1/86)
    3. Suspension - must be reasonably tight and in good working order. Shocks must provide adequate control. (amended 2/3/89)
    4. Seat Belts - proper seat belts must be in good condition and properly attached. Must be securely worn when competing. (amended 1/1/86)
    5. Tires - in accordance with SCCA Solo II tire rules. (amended 4/1/88)
    6. Wheels - true and free of cracks and flaws, especially at bolt holes. Must be properly and securely affixed with ALL studs and lug nuts/bolts present and functional. No spokes shall be broken or missing with no more than one loose spoke per wheel. Hub caps, wheel covers and trim rings shall be removed. (amended 1/1/86)
    7. Brakes - must have an adequate pedal, sufficient fluid and operate on all wheels. In a hands-free stop, all wheels shall work uniformly with no pull to either side. (amended 1/1/86)
    8. Exhaust - must exit behind the driver. (amended 1/1/86)
    9. Battery - must be secured and properly installed. (amended 1/1/86)
    10. Leaks - no excessive water, fuel, oil or brake fluid should be observed when the engine is running. (amended 1/1/86)
    11. Throttle - return action should be safe and positive. (amended 1/1/86)
    12. All swing axle cars must have some device or adjustment that adequately limits excessive positive camber. (amended 1/1/86)
    13. All loose items, inside and outside the car, must be removed and/or secured. (Amended 1/1/86).
    14. The Technical Inspector may inspect any portion of the car which he feels will have a direct bearing on the safe conduct of the event or classing requirements. (amended 1/1/95)

2. Safety procedures shall include: (amended 1/1/86)

    1. Approved helmets, properly fastened, are required when competing. (amended 1/1/86)
    2. Approved eye protection is encouraged. (amended 1/1/86)
    3. All roll down windows will be lowered. It is not necessary for a car with a convertible top, removable T-top or removable sunroof to remove these before they can compete. (amended 1/1/86)
    4. At least 2 fire extinguishers (dry chemical type) of at least 10 pounds total capacity will be readily available on the course. (amended 1/1/86)
    5. Any car that is judged to be in an unsafe operating condition at any time during the event shall be barred from further competition until the deficiency is corrected to the satisfaction of the Technical Inspector. (amended 1/1/86)
    6. All portions of the course should be visible to the Event Chairman. (amended 1/1/95)
    7. Any driver considered by the event stewards to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs shall be disqualified. (amended 1/1/86)
    • Classification. (amended 3/02)
      • All SCCA Solo II classes (stock, street prepared, STX, SM, prepared, modified etc.) including their allowable modifications (amended 3/02)
      • As in the SCCA Solo II rules, competitors will class their car and the club will inspect the car for safety. (amended 1/1/86)
      • Classes may be added or deleted (e.g. Street Tire, Touring, Ladies) based on written recommendation to, and approval by, the Executive Committee and majority vote of members in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting. (amended 1/95)


      Copyright 2007 Triad Sports Car Club, Ltd. All rights reserved.